By good fortune, you have stumbled upon the website of Ankur Sheel. I am a game programmer, an avid traveler and a complete foodie.

Currently, I am employed at Vista Entertainment Solutions working on their Point of Sale system. I started off with a typical software engineer job in a MNC after my graduation. Getting tired of the monotony, I decided to get into something more challenging and game development seemed just the thing. A few companies and a couple of years down the line, I got a Masters degree in Computer Science (Intelligent Robotics) from University of Southern California, Los Angeles. I specialize in Gameplay and Artificial Intelligence, but I enjoy tackling any problem placed in front of me.

I’m addicted to travel. I try to get out of the city once a month with a yearly trip overseas. I am also a complete foodie and am continuously trying out new places to eat.

Feel free to follow the links to my blog, professional projects or other game stuff I do in my free time.

I would love to chat about job opportunities, projects, questions or whatever else that is on your mind.