Jumpstart – Knowledge Adventure

The Game is the online hub for outer space-based MMO gaming. At, as new recruits at the prestigious Blaster Academy, kids play arcade-style math games and race through high-speed missions. Kids work with others to save the universe by using math on leveled missions.


Unity3D and C#


  • Sole Developer for Alien Battle game, a button-mashing game to be played with Mutts. Allowed designers to easily modify the AI to have different behaviors and difficulty for Single Player mode. Added concept of XP and Belts which would be displayed in the players pod.
  • Sole developer for MuttVille, a game that allows players to visit their BFFs’ Mutts and interact with them. Players receive points and credits for interacting with their BFFs’ larva and Mutts.Players can buy and change the furniture and interact with their Mutt.
  • Implemented parties to allow players to create parties or join parties hosted in other players pods.
  • Added Leaderboard, for players who are playing the math content.
  • Added trading and gifting gameplay.