First Person Shooter Prototype



The Game

A First Person Shooter prototype.


C++, Unreal Engine


  • Responsible for planning and scheduling all the AI related tasks for the game.
  • Answering designer questions about using the engine for AI.
  • Implemented a Probability Selector node to the behavior tree system (in Unreal) to give the designers more flexibility. This was eventuallu used to randomly play enemy barks.
  • Added perception such as sight, sound and damage to the enemies. This was then used to make them react to the surroundings.
  • Added support for making the NPC’s  jump and crouch. Taught the designers how to annotate the navigation meshes.
  • Added a spawner with multiple parameters so that the designers could easily add waves of enemies.
  • Implemented a system to allow voice for enemies while making sure that only a limited voices could be heard at any given time.
  • Optimised the algorithms when we realised that some of them were using a lot of cycles unnecessarily.
  • Created the initial behaviours for different enemy types as specified by the designers. This was eventually taken care of by the designers and another programmer.
  • Helped with implementing the final boss AI for the prototype.