What? No Posts in January

Is the blog dead?


So, why the silence?

Even, if you got the impression that I have forgotten about the blog, I wouldn’t be surprised. After all, I initially stopped posting the weekly photo and quote. Then, the frequency of the posts dropped down significantly. In fact, there has been no post for almost 2 months now. The reasons  have been many manifold some of which I will outline below

  • I have been making a conscious effort to prioritize posts with a lot more content over just pretty pictures and one liners.
  • I moved houses over the holidays and did not have access to the internet(from home) for almost 2 weeks.
  • Me and Gunjan recently had a baby and she has pretty much taken over most of my free time 🙂 However, this should be a temporary phase while I adapt to scheduling time for blogging and other activities while she sleeps.

But do not worry, I do have a few topics (in mind )that I want to touch on and I should be back to posting soon

Till next time.

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