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Welcome to my monthly report for the month of October 2016 . This monthly report outlines any income, expenses and goals related to the blog and photography. You can read the previous report here

Posts and Comments

Posts in October 2016 : 13
Comments in October 2016 (not including my replies) : 5

 Traffic Statistics

Traffic Report October 2016

Traffic Report October 2016

This month the blog saw 256 sessions with 209 users and 408 page views. The percentage of returning visitor is 20.7% which means about 40 people were returning visitors. This is a major improvement over the last month. I think the main reason for the improved performance is the 2 postmortems I wrote for the codingame contest. The fact that I cross posted the link on the codingame forum also helped drive the bulk of the traffic to the site. Apart from that, some of the traffic can be attributed to the weekly roundups.

Traffic Sources

Traffic Sources October 2016

Traffic Sources October 2016

  • Direct: 145 (+128)
  • Social: 51 (+15)
  • Other: 28 (-2)
  • Organic Search: 27 (+24)
  • Referral: 5 (+0)

Social Media Traffic

Social Media Traffic October 2016

Social Media Traffic October 2016

  • Twitter: 28 (+28)
  • Facebook : 21 (-14)
  • LinkedIn: 2 (+1)

Social Presence

Facebook: 146 (+2)
Twitter: 36 (+1)
Pinterest: 0

This month I got a lot of direct traffic as opposed to social Media. There were quite a few visitors from Twitter and it even made up for the loss of the Facebook visitors.


Countries October 2016

Countries October 2016

This month saw visitors from 41 countries with the most visitors being again from USA. This is a major improvement over last month where the blog saw visitors from just 10 countries. France was a close second after the USA.


Most Visited October 2016

Most Visited October 2016

The postmortems clearly trumps all other published material in October. The roundups also generate a fair amount of traffic. The photos and quotes don’t seem to be popular and I am planning to drop them for the forseeable future. The popularity of the postmortems makes me think that writing fewer articles but with a lot more depth will be beneficial to the blog.

Review of September Goals

  • (Failed) Write at least 4 articles – Although, I published 13 posts in October, I just wrote 3 articles (including the previous report). 
  • (Passed) Get approved on at least 1 stock photography site – 3 of my photos have been approved on dreamstime.com.  I am still under review on Alamy and Shutterstock
  • (Passed) Update at least 5 older posts for better key-wording – This was an easy one to pass.
  • (Failed) Get 1000 page viewsI just got 400 page views this month. Although an improvement, but, still not close enough to my goal.
  • (Passed) Have 200 Users visit the siteI barely passed this goal with 209 visitors over the course of October.
  • (Passed) Increase the Average Session duration to 1 minuteThe average session duration was 1:22 and this is something I would really like to continue over the the next few months.
  • (Failed) 50 Returning Visitors – I almost passed this one, with 43 returning visitors.

Goals for November

  • Write at least 4 articles.
  • Get 5 more photos approved on dreamstime.com
  • Get approved on 1 more stock photography site.
  • Update at least 5 older posts for better key-wording.
  • Get 1000 page views
  • Have 500 Users visit the site
  • Increase the Average Session duration to 2 minutes.
  • 50 Returning Visitors.
  • Use different google analytics tracking codes for pages and the posts to differentiate visitors who are interested in my experience, projects etc as opposed to reading the posts.

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