Photo Essay : Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming 2

From the Corn Palace, we now move to Yellowstone National Park. It is known for its wildlife, geothermal features and the Old Faithful Geyser. This is one of those places that I believe should be in your itinerary. It is a beautiful place and pictures cannot do justice (even though I have tried). If you are a planning a day trip, try to be at Old Faithful, just before it scheduled to erupt. Even though we were unaware of the timings, We we lucky enough to reach the geyser just a few minutes before the eruption.


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2 thoughts on “Photo Essay : Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming

  • Srishti

    Beautiful pictures.. Whenever you posted a pic on your blog, I thought I have to see it and then somehow it just kept getting procrastinated. I just took some time out and saw the pictures, beautiful is the word. 🙂